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Scaffold-ETH 2

Everything you need to build dApps on Ethereum

A modern, clean version of Scaffold-ETH with NextJS, RainbowKit, Wagmi and Typescript. Supports Hardhat and Foundry.

git clone


npx create-eth@latest

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Experiment with Solidity using a frontend that adapts to your smart contract

Debug and refine your smart contracts with a live-updating frontend. Scaffold-ETH 2 is an ideal stack for progressing from rapid prototyping to production-grade dApps.

Debug contracts
Scaffold-ETH 2 components
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Common web3 components in tailwind and daisy UI

Accelerate your dapp development using our pre-built components for common web3 use cases. Tailwind and daisyUI to style your dapp and give it a modern and appealing design.

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Custom Wagmi
hooks and utils

Designed to simplify interactions with your deployed smart contracts. These hooks are wrappers around Wagmi, an easy-to-use interface with typescript autocompletions for reading from, writing to, and monitoring events emitted by your smart contracts.

import { useScaffoldContractWrite } from "~~/hooks/scaffold-eth";

const { writeAsync, isLoading, isMining } =
contractName: "YourContract",
functionName: "setPurpose",
args: ["The value to set"],
blockConfirmation: 1,
onBlockConfirmation: (txnReceipt) => {
console.log("Transaction blockHash",  txnReceipt.blockHash);


// To send the transaction, you can call the writeAsync function
returned by the hook. Here's an example usage:

<button className="btn btn-primary" onClick={() => writeAsync()}>
Send Tx

Buidl in Community

You can build and learn together with the BuidlGuidl community, joining over 800 members in creating products, prototypes, and tutorials to enrich the web3 ecosystem.

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Block Explorer
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Built-in Block Explorer to check transaction data easily during your tests

Review transaction data from your local tests to make sure everything is working as expected. With our built-in Block Explorer, you can check the transaction details from your dapp while tinkering with it.